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Profile: Behind the Screen

Engineering Profile
  • Expert in the field of interior ballistics including transient heat transfer and transmission of energy via fluid work.
  • Create unique dynamics modeling program for motion of occupant/seat mechanical system during shock loading using direct, closed form equations of motion providing accurate analytical tool.
  • Write unique stress, motion and thermodynamic analysis programs for solving systems of coupled, non linear differential equations using MathCAD and FORTRAN.
  • Have a library containing 1300+ analysis programs in MathCAD for engineering use including innovative CFD/Motion analysis program for projectile flight within high pressure vessel of gas generator from subsonic to high-supersonic velocity.
  • Design unique thruster motion damping systems.
  • Convert low volume applications into high volume compatible designs via the use of solid state welds, crimps and unique fabrication techniques of components.
  • Formally trained in fundamental aspects of spacecraft/aircraft design and orbital mechanics.
Web Development Profile
The Internet has become an integral part of many languages and the medium has driven a revolution unlike any in history. With the use of the latest computer-based tools, add Innovative Technology and Communication's expertise in computer engineering, marketing, design, communications, public relations and business management (profit and nonprofit) and you have a presence that will be amplified via the World Wide Web.

IT&C is dedicated to maximizing your Internet presence.





Innovative Technology and Communications